Children Dentistry

Children Dentistry

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Fluoride Treatment

Even though you teach your kids to brush twice a day, it’s hard to get them to brush properly every time. This is where a fluoride treatment can be helpful. We will apply a layer of fluoride to the teeth using a swab or brush. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens the enamel (the outer layer of the teeth).  


Fillings are used primarily to treat cavities but occasionally to fix cracked or broken teeth. When treating cavities, we will clean out the cavity to remove the decayed portion of the teeth and then fill it using tooth-coloured composite filling, Dental Glass Ionomer (GIC), or a temporary filling depending on the extent of the cavity.


A Pulpectomy is done in children when there is a severe infection or too much damage to the milk teeth or primary teeth. It’s basically a baby root canal where we will remove all the pulp (soft inner layer made up of nerves, connective tissue,  and blood vessels) and then fill the tooth.

Habit Breaking Appliance

If your child does not stop sucking on their thumb or fingers after the age of 3 or if you notice your child tongue thrusting (where the child presses their tongue aghast their teeth when they swallow, speak, or sleep), they might need some help kicking the habit to prevent misalignment of teeth. After consultation, we will recommend an appropriate appliance to help you child get rid of the habit without affecting their day to day life.  

Strip Crown

In case of extreme damage to the primary teeth of your child, be it because of cavities or trauma, we many recommend placing a crown to replace the primary teeth. This will help your child with eating, speech, and ofcourse aesthetically. A stip crown is simplyu a clear shell which will be filled with tooth coloured composite material. This strip will be fitted over the damaged tooth till the composite hardens after which the strip will be removed leaving the crown that will act as replacement tooth.


In case of severe tooth decay, broken or cracked tooth, or crowding, we may recommend that the tooth be removed. We will use a numbing cream to numb the area and then inject the gum with a local anesthetic before extracting your child’s teeth to ensure a clean and comfortable experience.


Simply put, scaling is deep cleaning for your teeth. During your appointment, a scaling tool will be used to remove plaque and pockets of food from your teeth and your roots will be smoothened. This will help your gum reattach to your teeth. Regular teeth cleaning will help you prevent gum and tooth diseases, and bad breath, and improve overall dental health. 

Ortho Treatment

If your child has problems with the alignment of their teeth that is preventing their mouth from functioning properly, we may recommend that we fit your child with braces. We offer various options that can help fix gaps between the teeth, crowding of teeth, misaligned teeth (under- or overbite), and crooked teeth.

Conscious Sedation

While we try various methods like positive reinforcement, tell-show-do, distraction, etc to help your child cooperate better during dental treatments, occationally we may need to sedate the child to ensure the safety of the child and the dentist during the procedure. We offer expert conscious sedation that has very low risk while leaving the child with a trauma free dental experience.

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