Dental Braces

Dental Braces​

Metal braces

Small metal braces are placed on the teeth and connected by a metal wire. While this is not the best-looking type of braces, it is the most effective (especially for children and teenagers), easy to maintain, and cost-effective. 

Ceramic braces

Clear braces or ceramic braces are made out of clear or tooth-coloured ceramic material that is connected with a metal wire just like metal braces. These braces tend to stain if not maintained properly and can be bulkier than traditional braces. 

Clear aligners (Invisible braces)

This is the latest technology in correcting teeth alignment. Here multiple sets of clear aligners are used one after the other to achieve the desired alignment. These are practically invisible, removable, and easy to maintain but are quite expensive.

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces look and function like traditional metal braces, but unlike traditional braces where the connecting wire is held together by bands, here the wire is held by a door mechanism that actively keeps tightening the wire.

Retainers or Removable appliance

Retainers are removable custom-made appliances primarily used to keep the teeth in place but are occasionally used to correct minor alignment problems are well. The treatment period when using removable braces tends to be shorter.

Functional Appliance

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