Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are small posts (usually titanium) that look like screws. They are surgically screwed into your jawbone and act as artificial roots to support your artificial teeth.  

Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are used for the upper jaw where the screws are attached to the zygomatic or cheekbone to support the replacement teeth. This is used when the upper-maxila is too damaged or doesn’t have too much space and in cases where all the upper teeth have to be replaced. Zygomatic implants have very high success rates (Upto 98%). 

Basal implants

Basal implants are single-piece implant systems that are placed in the cortical portion of the jaw.  Basal implants are used to replace single or multiple teeth. These implants are very successful even when there is a bone deficiency. They are also a great option if other methods of implantation have failed.

All on four implants

All-on-four implants are permanent set natural-looking replacement teeth that require only 4 implants to fit. This is primarily used to replace all the upper or lower teeth or both, but it is also used to replace multiple teeth and to reconstruct the mouth of a patient to restore full function. They are more comfortable and easier to maintain than removable dentures and last anywhere between 20-25 years.

Implant retained dentures

Unlike traditional dentures that help in place with adhesive, implant-retained dentures are held in place by titanium posts or screws that are placed in the jaw bone. You will simply have to snap the dentures on and you’ll be good to go. Implant-retained dentures are much more secure and they also help prevent the erosion of the jaw bone as the screws act as the root of the teeth.

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