General Dentistry

General Dentistry

It is crucial to visit your dentist once every six months to ensure your dental health is good. During these regular visits, we may recommend treatments or procedures when required to help prevent future dental more serious problems. 


Simply put, scaling is deep cleaning for your teeth. During your appointment, a scaling tool will be used to remove plaque and pockets of food from your teeth and your roots will be smoothened. This will help your gum reattach to your teeth. Regular teeth cleaning will help you prevent gum and tooth diseases, and bad breath, and improve overall dental health.

Filling (GIC, Composite, Temporary filling)

Fillings are used primarily to treat cavities but occasionally to fix cracked or broken teeth. When treating cavities, we will clean out the cavity to remove the decayed portion of the teeth and then fill it using tooth-coloured composite filling, Dental Glass Ionomer (GIC), or a temporary filling depending on the extent of the cavity. 


We might recommend you to pull a tooth out for various reasons including tooth decay, broken or cracked tooth, crowding, or if you’re about to get braces. We will use a numbing cream to numb the area and then inject the gum with a local anesthetic before extracting your teeth to ensure a clean and comfortable experience. 


At Ananthi’s Dental and Cosmetic Clinic, we have a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine. We may recommend taking an X-ray in a few cases including to understand the extent of damage in cases of extreme tooth decay, before tooth extractions, or in case of an impacted tooth.

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